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How To Safely Share the Road with Large Trucks

Driving around large trucks can be nerve-wracking. These massive vehicles have blind spots that can make it difficult to see smaller vehicles, and if you are not careful when driving near them, you could find yourself in an unsafe situation. This blog post will cover some basics of driving safely around large trucks by providing essential safety tips that every driver should know.

Staying Safe around Big Trucks on the Road

Passing Semi-Trucks on the Left Side

When passing a semi-truck on the left side, you must remember that these large vehicles have very large blind spots. To ensure safety for yourself and the truck driver, always signal your intent to pass before you begin the maneuver. Signaling will let the truck driver know you are about to be directly beside their vehicle, and they can plan accordingly. While passing, speed up slightly so you can safely and quickly pass the big rig.

Passing Semi-Trucks on the Right Side

It is much more difficult (and dangerous) to pass a truck on the right side than on the left due to a much larger blind spot. Although it is not recommended, if you pass an 18-wheeler on the right side, make sure you signal well ahead of time so they can adjust their speed accordingly to help you get past faster.

Additionally, try to stay in direct view of their mirrors so they can always see your vehicle. This will help prevent accidents due to blind spot issues or if they suddenly change lanes without signaling.

Avoid Tailgating a Semi-Truck

Tailgating any vehicle can be dangerous, but tailgating a truck can be especially dangerous due to its size and weight. If you follow too closely and the driver suddenly stops or slows down significantly, which they often do, your vehicle may need more time to react accordingly.

Additionally, following too closely will decrease the trucker's visibility and ability to notice your car due to the truck's size, which also puts everyone at risk for an accident. Remember, if you can’t see the truck’s mirrors, the truck driver can’t see you.

Avoid Cutting Off a Semi-Truck

Like tailgating, cutting off a semi-truck can lead to severe consequences such as an accident or truck jackknifing. Semi-trucks take longer than cars to stop because of their size and weight. Therefore drivers need to signal well ahead of time and provide plenty of room so the truck can slow down safely if required.

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